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Hi everybody.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Wishing you all tremendous amounts of success in 2020!

It is summer here in Australia, but it’s raining outside. I’m in a public library at the moment and I thought it would be fun for me to come up with a list of when to wear certain colours. I normally wear Red and Green at Christmas time. Obviously, you can wear these colours all year round, but I thought I would make a list or colour calendar if you will.


  1. National Wear Red Day (US and UK) – this occurs on the first Friday of February. This year it will fall on 7 February 2020. On this day, people wear red to support women’s heart health.
  2. Wear Red Day (AUS) – 14 February 2020. On this day, people wear red to honour those who have passed away from heart disease.
  3. Valentine’s Day – 14 February
  4. Red Nose Day (AUS) – this occurs on the second Friday of August. This year, it will fall on 14 August 2020. On this day, people wear a red nose to support research for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  5. World AIDS Day: On this day, people wear a red ribbon to support raising awareness on HIV/AIDS.
  6. Christmas holidays and New Year

Additionally, red is also worn at Chinese weddings because in Chinese culture, red represents loyalty, fidelity, honour, fertility and love. Chinese wedding invitations are usually given in a long red envelope, and cash is normally given by the attendees as a wedding gift: Red at Chinese Weddings

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  1. Harmony Day (AUS): 21 March 2020. Harmony Day is a day for Australians to embrace multiculturalism and all the different cultures that make Australia great.
  2. National Gun Violence Awareness Day (USA): 2 June 2020. This day is also known as Wear Orange Day and is dedicated to raising awareness about gun violence.

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RUOK Day (AUS): 10 September 2020. This day is dedicated to helping people talk about their problems in an attempt to minimise the suicide rate. Conversations are started by asking, “Are you okay?”

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  1. St. Patrick’s Day: 17 March. This is the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. On this day, it is customary to wear green because it is widely believed that St. Patrick used shamrocks and green plants to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish.

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day Sale

2. Christmas Time


  • Wear Blue Day (US): 11 January 2020. This day is also known as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and is dedicated to educating people about human trafficking.
  • National Dress in Blue Day (US): This is normally held every year on the first Friday of March. On this year, it will fall on 6 March 2020. People wear blue on this day to show their support for raising awareness on colon cancer.
  • World Autism Awareness Day - April 2. This day was mandated by the United Nations. It encourages the member states to raise awareness about people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Wear Blue Day (US): Another Wear Blue Day which occurs on June 14. It is dedicated towards raising awareness about men's health.
  • Jeans for Genes Day (AUS): This normally occurs on the first Friday of August. This year it will fall on 7 August 2020. On this day, Australians show their support for genetic research by wearing denim jeans and donating money.

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  1. World Pancreatic Cancer Day: 21 November 2020. November is known as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month so you can wear purple throughout the whole month as well.

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  1. Valentine's Day: 14 February
  2. International Day of Pink: Held annually during the second week of April. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about bullying.
  3. National Pink Day (US): June 23. This day celebrates the beauty of all things pink.
  4. Pink Ribbon Day (AUS): 24 October 2020. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer.

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I hope you enjoyed this calendar. I will definitely be wearing Red on Valentine's Day as is tradition.

So what do you think? Am I missing anything? Do you come from a culture where you wear a specific colour on a certain day? I love learning about other cultures. If you know of any other days that can be added to the calendar, please let me know.

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