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Indigo is one of the most beautiful colours in the world!

For those of you who are not familiar with this colour, it is a cross between violet and blue, and is one of the most aesthetically appealing colours on the visible spectrum.

The four major tones of indigo are Electric Indigo, Deep Indigo, Web Colour Indigo and Tropical Indigo.

Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo is the brightest form of Indigo. It is a well-saturated type of Indigo and is a cross between blue and violet.

Deep Indigo

Deep Indigo is otherwise known as the web-colour Blue-Violet. It has a medium-level brightness, and is a cross between Electric Indigo and Pigment Indigo. Pigment Indigo can be created by mixing 55% pigment cyan with 45% pigment magenta.

Web Colour Indigo

Web Colour Indigo is closer to violet than the other types of Indigo mentioned above. This type of Indigo was prevalent in artworks, paintings and coloured pencils in the 1950s.

Tropical Indigo

Tropical Indigo’s colour leans towards what ordinary people would call “blue”. It’s still beautiful regardless.

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