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I Hate Winter

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I hate winter. I hate everything about it.

I hate waking up in the morning and seeing doom and gloom instead of sunshine and frivolity.

I hate the cold, dark, chilly nights and the near-impossibility of getting a good night’s sleep because it’s too damn cold.

I even hate the crazy crisp mornings that I have to wake up to which make my bones shudder and my skin chap.

I don’t mind the rain, but I hate it when it’s raining and windy at the same time.

I hate it when the ground gets muddy, but most of all, I hate it when the atmosphere and environment around me are bland, colourless and dreary.

Winter makes me depressed. It literally makes me sick. Not figuratively, LITERALLY.

The lack of sunlight and serotonin that are typical of winter send me into a tailspin.

Not only is winter dull, dark and lifeless, but to top it all off, every place you visit is also dull, dark and lifeless.

The trees are leafless, the ground is cold, and here in Australia, even tree bark falls to the ground and makes a mess.

I went to Westfields Shopping Centre a few days ago hoping I could find a nice shirt to wear to work.

I went to the big department stores first to see if they had a presentable blouse to wear to the office. All the clothing selections they had were either grey, brown, black or navy.

I went to smaller boutiques and found the same dumpy selection: depressing colours and very boring designs.

I asked one of the store clerks if she had anything in pink and she said, “That’s a summer colour. I only ordered winter colours and won’t be ordering pink until summer.”

Okay, so stores want to cater to the seasons. That’s fair enough! But who said autumn and winter had to be boring and any more depressing? Who said that some colours are reserved for winter and some are reserved for summer? What’s wrong with wearing a colourful blouse in winter to contrast the poorly-lit and dank winter mood?

Just because winter is almost here, it doesn’t mean we should all lay down and die and hold onto the coattails of seasonal depression.

If you want to wear dark colours, by all means, go ahead. But I like my colours vivid and lively, and it would be nice if stores continued to sell colourful garments even in the midst of winter.

It’s not the end of the world if they don’t, but I find it rather peculiar how most stores don’t cater to the folks who actually love bright colours just because it’s almost winter.

Here in Australia, we are technically still in autumn and we will be starting winter in June.

The cheerless sombreness of winter is slowly emerging. The days are cloudy and shadowy, and the environment is joyless and uninviting.

It’s times like these that I appreciate the joys of colour: sunshine, spring flowers, rainbows, the ocean, colourful clothes, funky jewellery, helium balloons, streamers, fancy hair dye, jelly beans and candies, crayons, makeup and nail polishes.

Gel Nail Polish

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I’m not really a materialistic person, but I love the positive sentiments that colours evoke: happiness, frivolity, liberation, freedom and nonchalance.

I’ve been going out of my way to add colours to my living space just to give my surroundings a bit more flair and promote a sense of calmness.

This website is all about colours and the positive vibrations colours bring. I hope you enjoy this site. I will be posting more items in the days to come.

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By the way, I know a few people who actually LOVE winter and say that it’s their favourite season. Do you like winter and if so, why? What do you like about it? Leave your comments in the box below and I will get back to you.

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