Choosing a Colour for Bridesmaids’ Dresses

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Planning a wedding can be quite complicated and stressful. Deciding on the particulars such as the wedding cake, bridal dress, flower arrangements, ornaments, etc. can be quite daunting for a couple. One of the main stressors for a wedding is determining the colour and design of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Some people like to choose colours and fabrics that they are already familiar with. I’ve been to numerous weddings where the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses are green chiffon or lilac satin. That’s fine if you like these colours and fabrics. But for all the brides out there who are indecisive about what colour to choose for their bridesmaids’ dresses and would like to choose colours based on what they mean, I have prepared this colour guide for you. This guide will discuss some common bridesmaid dress colours and what they mean for a wedding.



Red is associated with desire, sexuality, love, lust and longing. In Chinese culture, red is traditionally worn at weddings. The bridal gown is particularly red because in Chinese culture, red symbolises love, fidelity and loyalty.

Having the bridesmaids wear red will look great in the wedding photos as red is a very imposing and dominating colour. However, if you find primary colour red to be too bright, you can choose a variation of red that is more gentle on the eye like peach or powder pink.

Here is a list of the different variations of red for you to choose the colour that you like.

I have also been to weddings where the bridemaids have worn maroon dresses, but I tend to avoid this colour as I believe it’s a bit too dark for my taste.

Check out the many variations of red here.

Red Sequined Dress

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In a spiritual sense, blue represents heaven, the ocean and the sky. Blue symbolises loyalty, trust, sincerity and wisdom, and would look great on the bridesmaids. There are different variations of blue that you could experiment with like azure or turquoise. I tend to stay away from dark hues of blue like navy. It’s a wedding, not a funeral.

Check out the many variations of blue here.

Blue Maxi Formal Dress

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Yellow represents sunshine, frivolity and happiness. It also represents honour and loyalty. If you choose yellow for your bridesmaid dresses, you’d be better off choosing canary yellow or lemon yellow. Do not choose a yellow that is nearing to white. White is for the bride!


Pink is a very powerful colour. You know what they say, pink makes the boys go wink!

Strictly speaking, pink is a variation of red that can be created by mixing primary colour red with white.

Red = sexuality, love and passion while white = purity and faithfulness. Pink is a mixture of both of these elements.

Pink is also the universal colour of love and represents sweetness, friendship and harmony.

Beautiful Pink Bridesmaid Dress

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Green is the colour of life, renewal and nature. It is associated with harmony, fertility and money. I once wore a seafoam green chiffon bridesmaid's dress to my cousin's wedding, and it was absolutely delightful. Other variations of green like lime or mint will also look amazing on the bridesmaids. This sea turtle green colour shown in the picture below is also nice and appealing.

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day Sale


Purple is one of my favourite colours to see in a wedding setting. I especially enjoy seeing white flowers weaved with pink and purple ones.

Purple is a combination of blue and red. It combines the calmness of blue with the imposing fierceness of red.

Purple represents dignity, wisdom and wealth. If you choose purple for your bridesmaid's dresses choose lighter hues like lavendar, lilac, violet and orchid.

If you want a darker type of purple, then you can select indigo. Indigo is one of the most beautiful colours on the visible spectrum. Check out the different types of indigo here.

Purple Dress

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Orange is a colour that is widely associated with sunshine, happiness and frivolity. I have never EVER seen anyone wear orange as a bridesmaid. Perhaps you can be the first in your circle of friends to incorporate orange into your wedding.

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. It combines the intensity of red with the positive energy of yellow. Orange is associated with joy, sexuality and freedom.

Some nice orange variations include cantaloupe, tiger and apricot. Stay away from bland and boring oranges like amber and rust.

Apricot Formal Dress

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Well, I hope this article helps you make an informed decision about what colour to choose for your bridesmaids' dresses.

If you are getting married soon, I would love to hear your thoughts about which colours you are going to choose for your bridesmaids' gowns. Leave your comments below.

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    1. Hi Diana. Thanks for the comment. Aqua is such a beautiful, calming colour. I imagine aqua and purple would look great on a bridesmaid’s dress especially lilac or lavender. Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.

    1. Hi Charity. Thank you so much for this comment. I absolutely adore the colour red. I never really liked dark variations of red, but red wine has grown to be one of my favourite colours. I started liking this colour since last Christmas. I imagine that deep wine / burgundy would look fantastic on a bridesmaid’s dress. It also looks fabulous on hair. Thanks for reading.

    1. Thank you for the comment Brenda. Red or pink are excellent choices for a wedding.

      It’s no secret that red is my favourite colour. I find it very beautiful and eye-catching. Pink is also a powerful colour. It seems that every time I wear pink, the world becomes nicer all of a sudden. If you have time, please read my other blog post called “The Power of Pink”:

      I hope you have an amazing wedding. I wish you and your partner an eternity of happiness, hope, faith, prosperity and more. Thanks for reading.

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