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Hi there and welcome to my website, I Love Colours.

This website is dedicated to all things colourful and vivid.

Here at I Love Colours, I am focused on helping people colour their lives and evade the doom and gloom of earthly banality by splashing a bit of colour here and there, whether it’s through applying makeup, buying flowers, painting a canvas, wearing bright colours or designing funky jewellery.

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My Story

My name is Melodia Paris, and I am not going to shy away from admitting that sometimes life can be a bit dreary, sad, boring, gloomy and unbearable. Maybe it’s my depression talking, but for me, life can be a bit dull and colourless sometimes.

We’ve all been there: working a nine-to-five job that tears away at our souls, dealing with cruel and condescending bosses who don’t appreciate our work contributions, not to mention very demanding and irate customers who have a sense of entitlement, and then having to come home to a cold, soulless and lifeless apartment and a stack of dirty dishes in the sink waiting for you to wash them. Life can be a bit repetitive and mundane sometimes.

How Come You Are Always in Black?

I used to be known as the girl who wore black. When I was in college, I went on a Eurotrip excursion with some other students from university, and I remember my professor asking me, “How come you are always in black?” Until my professor brought my clothing choices to my attention, I never actually paid attention to the fact that I was wearing black all the time.

I was so depressed back in those days that I didn’t even care that much about fashion. I just wore whatever I could find in my closet and caught the bus to university every morning without giving a hoot about my appearance. It just so happened that the clothes I pulled out of my closet each and every day happened to be black.

Brighter Colours For Brighter Moods

A few months later, my friend Bethany mentioned colour therapy and said that I could benefit much from adding beautiful colours to my environment including my wardrobe. She said that colours help elevate your moods and make you feel better.

That afternoon we went shopping, and I bought myself a canary yellow top to wear with my jeans.

Call me delusional, but after wearing that top, something magical happened. I felt lighter and brighter, and I had a spring in my step that I never experienced before. I felt very elated.

I then vowed to make a conscious effort to wear livelier colours and see if it makes a difference to my moods. Since that day, I have been making an effort to choose brighter and more vivid colours to wear, and I have found that these colours definitely DO make a difference to the way I feel.

After I finished college, I got a higher-paying job, and I replaced my dark couches with turquoise ones. I also added colourful artworks to my living room area, and started taking a personal interest in my appearance by wearing livelier clothes, getting manicures and wearing smooth makeup. I replaced my dark lipsticks with lighter shades, and made it a priority to splash colour to my life even in the midst of winter.

Sometimes I wear funky, colourful sandals in the middle of winter, and random people at the mall glance at my feet because I'm the only one there who's not wearing black or brown boots. But I really don't care.


I have been living with depression for many years and have made a number of lifestyle changes to ease my depression. I doubt that there is a "cure" for depression, but there are treatments out there and lifestyle changes you can make to elevate your moods including changes to your eating habits, exercise routine, therapy, work schedule and environment.

I was depressed for many years to be honest. I still have bouts of depression from time to time, but making simple and colourful tweaks to my environment has helped me stay focused, and has made me happier and healthier.

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Colour Your Life!

This website is dedicated to helping people make small, colourful changes to elevate their moods and minimise stress and sadness. 

I know what it's like to go to a dark place in your mind, and it's not easy being in that place.

It's not easy being depressed and having the people around you not understand what you are going through.

It gets even more depressing when people get mad at you for being a "downer" or a "negative Nancy". They don't realise that you are not being depressed on purpose. They don't understand that you are struggling because your serotonin levels are too low or you have a genetic predisposition to getting depression.

Depression is something that I and other depressed folks have to live with. Depressed people are very sensitive and may be triggered to sadness much easier than people who don't have the condition.


Sometimes, I get nasty and snappy over the most trivial things. Sometimes, all it takes is for me to go to my office and see staples stuck in the carpet, and I'll lose my nerve and be in a bad mood all day.

Today I almost lost my marbles because I was deeply swamped with work tasks, and somebody asked me for something which they could have easily done themselves. I nearly lost my cool at that lazy ninny, but I managed to keep my composure for the sake of "professionalism".

We are indeed sensitive folks, and I believe that environmental health and decor have not been covered enough in the media.

I want to help people colour their lives and live more joyously. Adding a splash of colour to your life makes a difference to your emotional well-being.

Photo Credit: dresslily.com


The purpose of this website is to help people add colour to their lives to help elevate moods and reduce sadness. I'm not saying you should stop taking your medications and stop visiting your therapist. I'm simply saying that making a few small tweaks to your environment can help elevate your moods and reduce sadness.

I hope you find this website useful somehow. I hope you enjoy reading the articles that I post up, and I wish you all good luck in your progression.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Melodia Paris

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